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The rear wheel is big, the front wheel is small, why has the tractor always used this strange design?

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Speaking of tractors, everyone should be able to draw their basic shape and structure, the bulky big guy, work, and a lot of exhaust noise. However, in the recent development of China's independent research and development, the emergence of the pure electric unmanned super tractor I, full of science and technology, is not a bright spot for you, and has a new level of understanding of the tractor. With the support of science and technology, the design of all aspects of tractors is becoming more and more high-end, not inferior to the development of automobiles. However, it is not difficult to find out that the layout of the whole machine is still small and small, and the reason for this design is still small. What is it?
The difference between the design of the front and rear rafts of the original tractor is that it takes into account its normal working environment, that is, the uneven and full of muddy fields. At this time, in order to make the tractor better fit the specific agricultural implement, its front and rear squat task assignment is different, so the required sputum size is also different, and the tire pattern is also very different.
The steering system is in front of the tractor, and the front sill design is narrower. The driver can easily save effort when steering, and the front squat reaction speed will keep up, not to delay too long, because the narrow front squat is reduced. The contact area with the ground greatly reduces the grip, and the soil in the field is soft. It is difficult for the front sill to obtain the forward force, and the various directions of the soil thrust received by the side will inevitably increase. Turning flexibility and operability.
In addition, the front of the tractor mainly carries the whole machine power generating equipment and related accessories, and the load is not large. Therefore, there is no need to “kill the chicken and use the slaughtering knife”. The narrow front and front are enough, and the cost is also reduced accordingly. Why not do it.