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Choosing a tractor doesn't have to be the most expensive, the right one is the best.

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In life, the best is not necessarily the most appropriate, the most suitable is the best.
When the tractor is selected, it is not necessarily the most expensive, and the right one is the best!
Designed for paddy fields, only suitable for
The MY1004S is specially designed for paddy fields. The chassis is designed to prevent muddy water. The end and the shaft are double oil seals with good sealing performance.
The minimum use quality is 3025kg, which is just light, and the matching performance of the paddy field high-flower tire is very suitable for paddy field operations.
Changeable and flexible design, only for efficient
When you can't turn around for multiple turns, the MY1004S tractor widens the special paddy front axle design, soaking it in the water for a long time, with a turning radius of 4.5 meters. The smart steering helps you to work efficiently and relieve troubles.
The fuel tank capacity is not enough, and the remote operation must be refueled in the middle? The MY1004S tractor has a larger rotomolding tank with a sub-tank. The tank has a capacity of 150L and has a long refueling operation.
I hope that the operating speed range is wide, there are many gears, and one machine can carry a variety of machine tools? MY1004S base with 12F+12R gears can choose 16F+16R gears, the speed range covers 0.28km/h~41.51km/h, to meet your imagination.
Strengthen the design, just to save the heart
Upgrade the reinforced chassis and thicken the rear box for more reliability.
After optimizing the simple support beam structure pull-down rod support, the strength is so embarrassing, you can use it more worry-free.
Fully configured design, just for your choice
I hope that the lifting power will be greater and the earthwork will be deeper. I have a double cylinder vertical pressure.
I hope to have a more comfortable driving environment. I have a cab, warm air and air conditioning.
I hope to meet the various operational requirements of the lifting device. I have a strong pressure changeover switch, a strong pressure and a non-strong pressure function.
I hope that the matching tire specifications are different.
8.3-24/11-32 high flower tire,
9.5-24/11-32 high flower tire,
9.5-24/14.9-30 high flower tire,
12.4-26/16.9-34 high flower tire,
12.4-26/13.6-38 high flower tire,
There are a variety of tires to choose from, I believe there is always a specification for you.
Old irons, if you are still looking for a tractor with high efficiency, adaptability and high cost performance, MY1004S is the best choice for you.