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Rural hand-held tractors have rarely been seen? After reading, I finally know the reason.

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Walking tractors are a product of an era. In addition to farming instead of manpower and animal power, there is also a role in transport operations in times of underdeveloped traffic. In the era when agricultural machinery was underdeveloped, having a walking tractor was able to buy and use it. For the majority of relying on manpower and animal power for farming, walking tractors are undoubtedly greatly reducing the burden of people. In addition, in the era when road construction was still underdeveloped, walking tractors were an important means of transportation for rural people to enter the city. Including me also sitting on the walking tractor, the sudden on the back of the car, don't mention more bumps.
Walking tractors like this can be used for farming in the field; in terms of transportation, due to the special nature of walking tractors, mainly on field roads and rural village roads, these road conditions are generally poor, pure front-wheel drive walking tractors The transportation capacity on these roads is very limited, and it cannot meet the needs of farmers in agricultural production and transportation in daily life.
With the advent of the industrial age, small agricultural machinery has been unable to meet the demand. It was said in the 1980s that China’s 1 billion people and 800 million people have eaten and eaten, which has become history. With a large number of young and middle-aged laborers flocking to cities, the number of grain farmers is decreasing, and the demand for large-scale agricultural machinery is increasing year by year. In addition, people pursue high speed, grab time, and small agricultural machinery is gradually eliminated. The front and rear drive climbing king replaced. Nowadays, the more common kind of transportation in the countryside is to replace the tractor. This is the mountain climbing king, and the front and rear drive, this performance is much better than the tractor, loading it, and a lot more than the tractor.